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Essential Oils for Healthy Living

Diet is everything we do daily.  This entails more than just what we eat, it’s everything we consume.  It’s what you watch,  what you listen to, what you read, what absorbs into your skin, what you inhale, what you speak, etc.  These things are absorbing into our bloodstream, our minds and our organs, and effects our body’s systems mentally and physically.
Food and exercise are great tools for healthy living.  However, they are just a start.  

                                     Watch this Intro to Essential Oils class here.


Essential Oils are NOT created Equal

In fact, most essential oils are considered “perfume grade” or “fragrance oils” which means they’re made synthetically.

Not Young Living oils.

Young Living uses a proprietary “Seed to Seal” process that produces oils of unparalleled purity, quality and integrity. It’s something we’re truly proud of.  


Mindful Living with Essential Oils

Be mindful of the things you put in your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Below are some of the ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily life to avoid exposure from everyday toxins that could be causing you many common issues (eg. anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, skin irritations, hormone imbalances, auto-immune disease, and more). 


By using essential oils daily you’ll start to avoid toxins and as a bonus start feeling the benefits of how these valuable plants can support your body.  Join my healthy living with essential oils facebook group here to learn & connect with others also on this journey towards better health.