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Keri has been teaching yoga for 12 years.  As a certified yoga therapist, yoga has become a lifestyle for her.  She hopes to inspire more women and moms to use the 5000 year old discipline of yoga as a road map to healthy living.  FitMamas is a community working towards life balance through nutrition, mental wellness, and physical fitness. 



"The class I have received the most benefit from is
Aqua Yoga taught by Keri Elkin. It is so much more than an
exercise class. It nourishes my body, my soul and my imagination.
Her patience and tenderness with everyone creates an emotionally
safe atmosphere. I find myself going deeper into stretches and 
breathes each week and my body is responding in the best
possible ways.
My blood pressure is down at levels I have never experienced
before. The learning stays with me throughout the week. I wish
she had time to teach it more than once a week."  ~Ann Marie 2018
Proudly serving Oakland, Franklin Lakes, Mahwah, and the greater North Jersey area!