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Fit Mamas Raising Healthy Babies

A Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle program for Expectant Moms

Create a Healthy Lifestyle from pregnancy and beyond

*Are you ready to be have more energy?

*Do you want to be part of a community of moms that want to live a more natural life?

*Do you want to raise your baby with simple and lifelong healthy habits?

*Do you want to have a wellness plan to give your growing family the best start?

*Are you feeling isolated in your pregnancy and desiring a strong community of like-minded mamas?

* Are you DONE feeling too heavy and READY to feel fit and strong in your pregnancy?

If you want to be a Fit role model for your baby, I want you to join our revolution of

“Fit Mamas Raising Healthy Babies”

We will guide you to a path of healthy living and a wellness plan including:

*accepting and loving yourself so you can be a positive role model for your whole family.

*surrounding yourself with positive influences and community.

*incorporating what’s important to you, including those creative energies you forgot about or didn’t know you had.

*teaching you techniques that will make you feel more strength and vitality.

I have spent the last 10 years motivating moms to make it easy for themselves to get out of their maternity clothes and never get into those mom jeans.

If you know you could be doing things more healthy, than join us for our 6 weeks yoga wellness series.

Together we will get you on track to being your best/healthy self and make the path towards healthy living simple.

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